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Parent Network Specialist Project

PNS primarily assists children and families enrolled in the CSHCN program with educational, vocational and transitional services. This statewide project features five Specialists who are parents of children of varying ages who have a disability and are located in geographically strategic areas of West Virginia.  These Parent Network Specialists provide one-on-one information and referral services and follow-up to families who have a child with a disability.  Parent Network Specialists receive on-going training in pertinent areas such as Title XIX MR/DD Waiver and Medicaid processes, HIPAA regulations, the roles of other agencies, and the availability of resources.

The Parent Network Project has produced a Care Notebook for parents and other family members caring for a child with a disability.  The Care Notebook is a case management tool and a resource guide, which can be used as a single depository of information (e.g., medical, emergency contacts, and care provider contact information) that parents can have available to take to appointments or to leave at home as a reference for care providers.  The annotated resource guide section provides contact information for disability-related agencies and services.

The Parent Network Project is funded by the West Virginia Division of Health and Human Resources, Office of Maternal, Child and Family Health, Children with Special Health Care Needs Program.